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Looking to get involved and make a difference in the community? Then you might be interested in joining one (or all) of our groups listed below. A benefit of joining our group is the ability to meet like-minded peers that are motivated and passionate about making a positive change and improving our community. A great social networking experience and a great addition to a college application.

Incorruptible US Logo

Incorruptible.US aims to educate students, parents, teachers, and members of Cape May County about the dangers of BIG Tobacco and the ever-growing vaping epidemic that is affecting so many individuals.

The group is open to any high school-aged student in Cape May County that are motivated and passionate about making a difference. The group meets monthly to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects that focus on improving health and awareness while also attending fun group activities. Students who are interested in joining should reach out to Alana at

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Cape May County Youth Resiliency Team

The CMC Healthy Community Coalition is looking to bring the youth perspective to the work being done in our community. The county Youth Resiliency Team is looking for motivated students who want to prevent substance misuse and promote the overall well-being and resilience of young people.

The group is open to all high school-aged students and meets once a month. The group activities consist of:

  • Raising awareness among youth about local resources

  • Working with local law enforcement to create maps of hot spots

  • Training youths on becoming advocates in their communities

  • Host community events

  • Youth involvement in coalition leadership opportunities

To join your local chapter, download the Remind App and use the link or email for more information.

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Lower Township Health Youth Coalition - Resiliency Team

The group is welcome to any middle school or high school-aged students in Lower Township.

It is a Youth-led subcommittee to speak on behalf of the youth in Lower Township.

Members meet once a month and participate in community activities to spread awareness and promote the health of youth in Lower Township.

To join new members can download the remind app and use the link or email

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